Oh, Be Careful Little Tongue....

Oh, Be Careful Little Tongue…
Oh, be careful little tongue what you say
Oh be careful little tongue what you say
For the father up above
Is looking down with love
So be careful little tongue what you say.
My mother always took my siblings & I to Sunday School, so I literally grew up in church. In Sunday school I learned about Jesus, and I learned songs such as the one mentioned above. I learned these songs because that is what I was taught to do, but if the truth be told I never thought about the lyrics nor their meaning to me. Today those words are words of wisdom.
As I write this article, I want to be transparent and hopefully it will help someone else in their walk with God.
I had to repent to God for my failure to keep a vow. This article was scheduled to come out in March, and here we are in the beginning of May, and I am finally doing what I promised. That is my message today……. be careful what you say…….
We are not required to make vows or promises to God, that is not something he requires. But, if we do choose to make vows or promises, we are required to keep them….be careful little tongue what you say. According to Ecclesiastes chapter 5, verses 4 and 5 it is better not to make a vow, than to make a vow and not keep it.
Our vows are sacred and bind us to God. We may forget the vow, but He does not. Philippians, chapter 2, verse 13 tells us that God wills and works in us to do his good pleasure, so it’s not our idea, but his and because we belong to him, we want to do what pleases him. When the idea came to me to start writing articles for our website, it was the Holy Ghost leading me and I agreed. Life began to happen; I got caught up with the cares of this life and kept pushing it back. I was getting nudges from the Holy Ghost, but I hid behind the fact that I didn’t know what to write about. I prayed, “Lord, what do I write about?”  But the volume of the world was turned up so high I couldn’t hear him if he did speak.
So, what am I saying? Be careful what you tell God you are going to do. Someone may say, “Well, I didn’t tell God, I told Sister or Brother So-n-So, if what you said was intended to be a part of the work of the Lord, it is the same as if you told God! If you procrastinate or don’t do it at all, it then becomes a sin to you and sin separates you from God!!! I thank God for grace and mercy….
God’s grace and mercy reached out to me all the way from Seattle, Washington. A Pastor friend reached out to me and told me that God is requiring of me what I promised to do and have not done. Instantly, I knew it was this article that I had promised to write two months ago. God is so good; he came when I needed him most…. During this time, my life was in an upheaval, and I didn’t know how burdened I was until the Word came. I was under attack by the enemy and didn’t know I was trying to fight the battle myself and that’s why I couldn’t do what I knew I should be doing. I had no peace, so I had no power…. I thank God for restoration!
Sometimes, we do not understand that we are taking on more than we can bear, because we fail to acknowledge God in these areas of our lives.…. be careful little tongue what you say. Sometimes we are too hasty, and we utter vows that we will regret later. Ask Jephthah in the book of Judges, the 11th chapter, verses 30 through 35. He had made a vow hastily that later brought him much pain. He understood that unfulfilled vows will cut off the flow of God’s blessings in your life….be careful little tongue what you say….
Has the storm ceased in my life? No. But I have peace and I am standing on his word because the safest place in the whole wide world is in the will of God! I am committed to keeping my vow.
I just want to encourage anyone who has made a vow, a pledge, or a promise to God and you have not kept your word, now is the time to repent and ask God to help you keep your word. He will give you a plan, you must listen to it. Some of you have a plan, you just need to initiate it. God’s grace is there for you. Believe it. Receive it. Do it. Go in peace.
Blessings & Peace,
Sister Lucretia


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