Administrative Staff

Esther McCarty is the sixth child born to Deacon Riley and Mother Ruth McCarty on October 9th in Port Lavaca, Texas.  Raised in holiness, she was fortunate to have parents who were living examples which has given her the foundation she stands on today.  After ten years in California, God sent her back to Texas where she joined God’s Word of Deliverance Apostolic Faith Church under the leadership of Apostle Betty J. Crowder where God continues to reinforce her foundation and further develop the ministry He placed inside of her.  She is a prayer warrior, works in the “Ministry of Helps”, Pastoral Assistant. A passion for order and detail has led to a 30 year career as an Administrative Professional.  Esther is currently a Sr. Administrative Professional at ExxonMobil.  She is a member of the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) and a Certified Administrative Professional (CAP).