Minister Alvina McCarty, Praise Team Leader
cell: 281.685.2384
Alvina McCarty was born January 17, 1965 in Houston, Texas to the late Alvin Crowder and Overseer Betty J. Crowder where she attends God’s Word of Deliverance Church under her leadership. She is married to Falous McCarty.  She is blessed with two children and two grandsons. She faithfully and diligently served in ministry in the Sunday school department, the music ministry and Pastoral Aide for years.  In 2005, she was promoted to Sunday School Superintendent.  Alvina received an associate’s degree in Computer Bookkeeping in 1988.  She has been employed with the City of Houston Police Department for 21 years.  She has taken various classes:  Building a High Performance Team, Ethics, Organizing time management, and Accreditation program for Supervisors, skills she will use in the ministry as well.