God’s Word of Deliverance Apostolic Faith Church, fueled by the power of the Holy Ghost, led by the visionary, whose steadfastness in the Faith inspires others to catch the vision of profound excellence that will lead to spiritual growth and a meaningful worship experience through the teaching of God’s word will as a body of baptized believers endeavor to:
  • Evangelize lost souls and edify the saints
  • Provide a spiritual worship experience for believers and unbelievers
  • Provide opportunities for the teaching and preaching of the gospel that will maintain the integrity and discipline of the church (i.e. proper dress, appropriate language, and respect for church property and members).
The eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and the good.” Proverbs 15:3
Because our Lord know all things, he provides His leaders with vision to properly lead His people toward their destiny in him.  This God-given vision comprises both spiritual and natural instructions that if followed, will lead the believer to an inspired life of purpose on the earth and a future in the presence of the Lord.
To show our true and unfailing commitment to our Lord and our congregation, we have provided in writing, the church vision in the hope that as a new member, you will “catch the vision” and begin your own journey of progress in the work and will of our Lord.
The God’s Word of Deliverance Apostolic Faith Church, Inc. vision is to cover the earth with the Glory of God through:
  • Ministries for spiritual growth, on-going religious education and personal renewal.
  • Caring for the needy, the sick, the suffering and the bereaved including those who are incarcerated.
  • Involving the congregation in community development and public school awareness.
  • Equipping each and every member with the tools to complete the mission that moves the vision forward providing growth opportunities for every member who desires to be a part of change and the challenge.