The church now known as God’s Word of  Deliverance Apostolic Faith  Church, Inc. was founded in the year of 1967, by its present Pastor and Founder, Overseer Betty Joyce Crowder and the late Co Pastor Alvin Charles  Crowder, Jr.  It began as a mission work in their home located at 3731 Folger Street.
Tremendous church growth created a necessity for a building to house the new souls that were being added.  God already had a plan.  A building down the street from Overseer’s house became available.  The mission work moved into its first building located at 3824 Folger Street and at that time was called God’s House of Deliverance.  The church continued to grow and souls continued to be blessed through the ministry.  In 1976, the church was incorporated and the name was changed to God’s Word of Deliverance Church.  Because membership growth continued, the building soon became too small to hold the congregation.  In 1980, the church relocated to 11310 Homestead Road. 
The ministry continued to evolve, the enemy began to attack from all sides, but God also continued to grant us grace and victory.  In October 1982, our location changed again, this time we would be located at 784 Davidson, House of Prayer and Life, where the Pastor is Overseer C.B. Arnold.  God’s plan of fellowship for these two members of the body of Christ helped to strengthen and further prepare both congregations for the road ahead.  In 1983, the church once again began its trek in the wilderness and came to a rest stop on Hill Rd.  The location was nicknamed the “The Hill”.  It became known to us as the place where God did some of his best work on souls of the congregation.  God continued to bless many souls as they came in to join or visit.
In 1991, we moved to 14625 Aldine Westfield Road where the member’s efforts continued to build God a house on the original site.  God began the process of reconstruction of the ministry, and Overseer Crowder decided to change the name of the church to its present name of God’s Word of Deliverance Apostolic Faith Church, Inc.  The congregation continued our efforts and as part of the process we moved to Stehlik Intermediate School for our Sunday morning services, and were blessed to fellowship in New Agape Church,  where the Pastor was Lorenzo Jones, for midweek and special services. 
In April of 2005, God’s Word of Deliverance Apostolic Faith Church, Inc. moved into our new sanctuary located at 3814 Folger Street.  We have not ceased in our efforts to see the ministry grow.  God’s Word of Deliverance Apostolic Faith Church, Inc. is a lifelong partner that is dedicated to the success of the vision that God has given our Overseer.
It has been an eventful and interesting journey.  There have been times when we have felt that we were in the wilderness, but we knew that God was with us at all times.  Her words to the congregation was “Watch God”.  We will continue to watch God, as we move forward.