God’s Word of Deliverance Apostolic Faith Church Inc. presents a new service to its members and the Community.
God’s Word of Deliverance Professional Counseling Services


  •  Is life presenting challenges that you are having difficulty managing emotionally?
  • Do you attempt to cope with life in ways that have hurt yourself and others?
  • Have you wasted time trying to find answers without the results you want?
  • Have your relationships suffered because you don't know what to do to become healthier person spiritually and emotionally?
  • Has joy gone out of your life and you can't figure out how to find it again?

If your answer to ANY OF THE ABOVE QUESTIONS IS YES, We are happy to help. Here, you can discover how your emotions can become your friends, how you can be strengthen spiritually, and in the process enhance your life.
GWOD now has a professional therapist/counselor available who specializes in helping all types of people find joy in life by learning to cope effectively. We have counseling options for children, teens/adolescents and adults. At GWOD we can help with depression, anxiety, anger/poor emotional control, communication difficulties, marriage difficulties, poor socialization skills, abuse, trauma, grief, self-injury, drug addiction and the inability to cope with life's stressors among other issues.  We also offer pre-martial assessment and counseling.
If you are interested in counseling services you may contact:   713-699-3007
What to Expect from your Licensed Professional Counselor
GWOD Professional Counseling Service uses the services of a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern who practices here to the highest of ethics and standards it does not employ anyone nor is responsible for the treatment they provide. It is the right of each patient to request licensing board information from the counselor.

A Licensed Professional Counselor Intern also known as LPC-Intern hold a temporary license and practice under the direction of a Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors approved supervisor.

LPC-Interns constitute a major role in the future of the counseling and psychotherapy profession. Much like a physician resident they are able to provide the full scope of services under the direction of their (i.e., board approved) supervisor. They have completed a master's degree in a counseling-related field, as well as have passed the National Counselor Exam along with proof of completion of the Texas Jurisprudence Exam. LPC-Interns receive an average of 1 hour of face to face supervision on a weekly basis until 3000 supervised work hours are achieved. Just like a fully licensed LPC, the LPC-Intern is trained to provide the following services to their patients: direct services to assist individuals or groups in a professional counseling relationship using a combination of mental health and human development principles, methods, and techniques to achieve the mental, emotional, physical, social, moral, educational, spiritual, or career-related development and adjustment of the client throughout the client's life. Reference: Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors Rules/Regulations

LPC-Interns are not able to bill for insurance reimbursement and consequently their fees can be very manageable for individuals who want therapy but are uninsured or under insured.

Now more than ever there is no reason to neglect your emotional health!



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Vivian Lane, Co-Pastor and Counsellor
Email:copastorlane@godswordofdeliverance.org, counselingservice@godswordofdeliverance.org
Address:3814 Folger
 Houston, TX 77093
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