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Water Check

Hello all at GWOD,

What another wonderful powerful move of God on Sunday!  I have to ask, Well!, how is your Water today?  Have you measured it?  Is it ankle deep, knee deep, or up to the neck so you can freely swim or peacefully float in it? Is it pure and flowing and are you receiving all provision from this Water?  Or is it stagnant?  Maybe is it "dried up." Is this Water carrying you where you need to go and are you experiencing a Washing and a Refreshing from its clean Source God Himself.  Is your water the Living water being Jesus Christ Himself?  Did your day start and continue with a stirring of this water, the Holy Ghost in us?  When stirred did you step in and receive your miracle, your healing, your deliverance, your joy, your renewed relationships, and were you made whole?  

Or maybe you are crying near the fountain feeling used and despised and not knowing what to do next? (Gen 16:7)  Not to worry, God sees you and will help.  God will draw you by His Spirit and direct you to the water, the Living Water that will cause you to never thirst again.  Ask Him to fill you the more with the Holy Ghost.  You may have to pray a bit more, but this Water can be stirred at any moment and it is for all to enjoy at the same time and not just for the one able bodied person that was able to force his way into the water first leaving the others behind, withered, and without hope (John 5:4 - 5:9).  Thank God we don't have to wait for a certain season for the stirring only to have someone else stronger or faster get in the water first. The Holy Ghost is waiting on us, even teaching us and guiding us into all truth, showing us how to receive, how to stir, how to jump in ,where to go, what to do next.  

We are His sheep, so too are we His "fish."  We cannot live without the Source and His Living Water the Holy Ghost in us.  He has called us to be fishers of men.  I once had a Beta fish and somehow it jumped out of its water.  When I came home the fish was lifeless, withered and appeared almost dead.  I immediately put him into the water and he was restored back to health, vibrance, and beauty.  Had I not been there in time, he would have perished.  Oh how I loved that little fish so much and how much more does God love us.  After that experience I made sure his water was just right (clean, right level so he could not jump out)! all this so he could be happy, healthy, thriving, and live out his full years.  

Let's be compassionate and on time as fishers of men, as led by the Holy Ghost, the Comforter who teaches us everything we need to know and shows us things to come (John 14:26, 16:13).  We are connected to the Living Water and each of us can have plenty of that water for the asking.  So again, how is your Water today?  How about tomorrow and each day to come?  God is so Good to us.  As Co Pastor McCarty preached, "Are You Ready for More of His Glory?"  

I love all of you.  Be Washed, Refreshed, Blessed, Healed, Restored, Directed, Taught, and Transformed into His Likeness in Jesus Name and be ye fishers of men by the Living Water in us always connected to the Source and connected to each other.  No man is an Island unto himself being surrounded by water but stuck/stranded and of no value to others.  Is He raining Living Water in your souls thereby reigning in your souls today?  His water is pure, clean, and transforming, unlike the rain water today (Sunday) that left my car and feet very dirty!!!   Praying for all that He takes us deeper into His waters.  See attached photo 

Love, Sis. Jane

Job Experience

Hello all at GWOD,
The teaching on Job's experience on Sunday with Pastor Crowder, Co Pastor McCarty, Sis Mary, and each of your comments and also with the Baptism teaching of Co Pastor Lane left me with Power, Wisdom, and encouragement from God.

What I learned was that God allowed Job to be immensely tested and afflicted, only that Satan could not take his life.  Through his tough testing and finally when God spoke to Him personally (chapter 38-42) Job's eyes were opened and he repented.  His own "righteous" attitude was forgiven by God and he was restored unto God's righteousness and after praying for his three friends, the Lord turned the captivity of Job and gave him twice as much as before.
God can do with us what He desires and not according to what we think are "our rights" or "our own righteousness."   He is the Potter and we are the clay, He is molding us into perfect vessels for His own use (see the photo attached).
By the Power of His Spirit, this is what I am doing first with God and then to whom God puts on my heart (whether it be institutions, groups, individuals etc.) in person or just in my heart as God directs:
1. I'm sorry
2. Please forgive me
3. Thank you!
4. I love you.
Then walking in this freedom and by Faith trusting Him completely with every aspect of my life and by Faith watching to see how He Restores, Fills, and Blesses and uses us in His Kingdom.  Everything that God allows in our lives is for our Good and His Use.
Love you much.


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