Job Experience

Hello all at GWOD,
The teaching on Job's experience on Sunday with Pastor Crowder, Co Pastor McCarty, Sis Mary, and each of your comments and also with the Baptism teaching of Co Pastor Lane left me with Power, Wisdom, and encouragement from God.

What I learned was that God allowed Job to be immensely tested and afflicted, only that Satan could not take his life.  Through his tough testing and finally when God spoke to Him personally (chapter 38-42) Job's eyes were opened and he repented.  His own "righteous" attitude was forgiven by God and he was restored unto God's righteousness and after praying for his three friends, the Lord turned the captivity of Job and gave him twice as much as before.
God can do with us what He desires and not according to what we think are "our rights" or "our own righteousness."   He is the Potter and we are the clay, He is molding us into perfect vessels for His own use (see the photo attached).
By the Power of His Spirit, this is what I am doing first with God and then to whom God puts on my heart (whether it be institutions, groups, individuals etc.) in person or just in my heart as God directs:
1. I'm sorry
2. Please forgive me
3. Thank you!
4. I love you.
Then walking in this freedom and by Faith trusting Him completely with every aspect of my life and by Faith watching to see how He Restores, Fills, and Blesses and uses us in His Kingdom.  Everything that God allows in our lives is for our Good and His Use.
Love you much.