Present With God

Hello everybody,
I'm thanking God for all of you this morning and praying for all.  Thank you for your love, your faith, your patience and hope in Christ Jesus.  God has chosen us as His elect, how powerful is that!  He chose us.  
So as encouragement today let's enter into His peace in this present moment.  Be in the present moment with Him.  No need to wonder or wander in your mind about what might happen in the future, nor to obsess about what already happened in the past.  Just stay in the present and enjoy His Presence and Peace for your situation.  What you worry about in the future will not even happen the way you are obsessing about it and no need to worry about what happened yesterday or in the past,  God has already taken care of it.  Be present with Him today.  If you are in pain, be present with Him and watch what He does with that pain, it dissipates because He is a Loving and all Consuming God.  Enter and stay in the "now" with Him and experience His Peace for your lives.
Sis. Jane