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Prayer request Andy
posted by: andy bauwens on 7/4/2023

please pray for me I am Andy living in Belgium 40 years old. I leave for sea for 16 days and have had 4 difficult months. my parents are divorcing and i live in my parental home.and there was fight every day my mom has a thing with a married man i can't take it anymore. pray that God's peace, presence, and his rest and his protection may be with me when I leave on July 7th to July 23rd as I feel exhausted and depressed and really need to find peace. I will go all alone and hope to meet the lord there so that I may return more powerfully and serve back in my congregation.
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Psychic Attacks
posted by: Matthew Smith on 6/28/2023

I have an emergency prayer request that I’d like to submit. Some time ago I became involved with an occult group with people who were practicing black magic and worshipping demons. Ever since then I’ve been struggling with these severe psychic/spiritual attacks in my mind. The pain can be unbearable at times! Please pray for me urgently so that these psychic/spiritual attacks would completely stop and so that these cruel and evil people from the occult group would leave me alone for good. Right now I’m stuck in a desperate crisis because these violent psychic attacks are completely unbearable! Please pray for me urgently! Thank you so very much for your prayers and support.
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Prayers for restoration
posted by: Derrick mccollum on 6/27/2023

Please keep my husband in prayer his name is Derrick Mccollum he needs deliverance and salvation he has server anger issues and emotional abusive behavior please keep him on the altar in Jesus name also he has backslide he needs to get back in the will of God and repent also prayers for healing in his mind he fights every one and argue with everyone who tries to help him him and his family needs salvation
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Prayers for restoration
posted by: Derrick mccollumderrick826@gmail.com on 6/23/2023

Praise the Lord my name is Michelle McCollum and my husband derrick McCollum we need God's blessings upon our finances and favor upon our lives also deliverance and salvation for my son's jvante Willis and jhaquae Willis and James Willis psalm 91 my son jvante needs deliverence from santanic occults and jezebel spirits he's dealing with his baby mama mesha Norris she's practicing Love spells and witchcraft against
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prayer for Grand daughter
posted by: Betty J Crowder on 4/5/2021

Miracle will be having surgery on may 26 she is 15 we are asking GOD that it will be safe and she come out all right in Jesus name
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